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Friday, March 20, 2020

The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, and Your Destiny

I know I'm not supposed to play favorites but this was my favorite interview to date.  I want to be Carol's neighbor and BFF.  She lights my heart and my brain on fire with perspectives we all need to hear. 

Carol shares a framework for humanity: family, careers and connection. 

My 3 favorite takeaways: 

  1.  Her framework is built around our uniqueness, what she describes as essence.
  2. Clinging to Industrial Age BS isn’t helping us
  3. Honoring the curiosity and discovery of our lives

Buy her book! 

And, she has a plethora of resources on her site! 

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Intentionally Building a Personal Brand

You open your local business journal or LInkedIn and you see the people who are doing amazing things, do you ever wonder how they got there?  

Today's episode, Meggie Dials, Senior Regional VP of Sales for Marketing Cloud at Salesforce discusses how she intentionally created a personal brand using her gifts, talents and interests.  

This has led her to a designation as one of the Top 40 Under 40 by the Indianapolis Business Journal

New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Stand Tall In Your Story

Last night I hosted the Inaugural Stand Tall in Your Story event.  A celebration of the women of Rise & Thrive Indianapolis, a 7 month experience for high achieving career women. 

These women came together in September to ban burnout, build community and boost their business.  The experience was transformational for each of them.  

To kick off Women's History Month we celebrated with their stories, told on stage, in a beautiful theater.  When you create a beautiful safe place to honor people's stories, they will step into that space authentically and courageously.  Stories are how we make sense of the world around us to connect, heal and grow. 

If you're an executive career woman ready to kick it up a notch and move from striving to thriving, apply here for our next round starting in September of 2020. 




New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!

Friday, February 28, 2020

Knowledge + Faith + Action = Courage

Ryan Berman, founder of Courageous, spent 1,000 days with many of the most courageous leaders and people on the planet. He went behind the curtain and learned how top companies operationalized courage.

The Courage Formula Ryan discusses .. 

Knowledge + Faith + Action = Courage 

Ryan is cracking the code on courage, giving individuals and companies the necessary tools to live and work courageously.

Buy the BOOK! 

New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Rise and Thrive!

Wendy Noe Executive Director of Dove Recovery House for Women has been a part of the Rise and Thrive Indianapolis experience.  She talks about the impact the last 7 months has had on her, her business and her family. 

Wendy and the rest of the women will be on stage at The Cabaret sharing their stories in a TED like talk.  We'll have food, drinks and live music to celebrate Women's Month!  


Buy Your Ticket!  Event is March 5th! 


Consider next year's Rise & Thrive experience starting in September 2020


New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!