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Friday, May 10, 2019

Inked: A gifted artist becomes a storyteller for her clients

Brandee is a storyteller. 

She tells the stories of her clients, they wear them for a lifetime. 

Brandee Gordon founder of Native Ink Tattoo, knew from the time that she could hold a pencil that art was her thing.  By high school she knew this would be her career.  The jump from a love of art to a thriving tattoo business took: 

  • Intention
  • Strong Character and Values
  • Courage
  • Connection to her clients and their stories 


Fun Fact:

At 17 years old Brandee courageously called Tommy's Tattoo shop in a neighboring town and said, "I don't have any tattoos but I'd like you to teach me the tattoo business." After seeing her portfolio he said yes.  In 1979 this made her the first female tattoo artist.  

How often we over complicate using our gifts and talents!

Brandee was so impacted by the story of the Dunham family, she'd like to dedicate this episode to the Grayson Dunham Foundation, a heartbreaking story that we need to share. 

Native Ink Instagram

PhotoCred: Lindsey Herron Photography 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Darrah Brustein host of Masterclass with Deepak Chopra


Have you ever read a blog post or caption from someone and immediately felt a connection? 

This was my experience with Darrah Brustein. Can you say kindred?

Her website reads: 

"my core belief is that the best way to live is by design, not by default. i've spent the last decade crafting and integrating my life and work intentionally, not choosing one over the other."

This episode will inspire you and give you practical tactical takeaways, including a personal challenge you'll want to accept at the end of the episode. 

Listen for a brilliant process Darrah has to let others help us uncover our gifts and talents.

Darrah's bio is impressive.. Forbes, Inc, CNN as well as a page of celebrity interviews such as Deepak Chopra, Seth Godin, Jen Sincero, Adam Grant, Daniel Pink.

Some nuggets in this episode:

When you grow up and aren't sure where you fit and what skills you really have.

Your life's purpose as a bread crumb trail of discovery.

Darrah discusses her experiment of "letting go", no longer white knuckling through -  In fact, not only did she continue to achieve  ... her creativity, connections and solutions got BETTER!

 Also a LIFE HACK:

Keep an archive of compliments

for those times we need borrowed confidence 

amazing FREE downloads!

Masterclass with Deepak Chopra

Life by Design ... with interviews from 45 experts

Host your own Networking Events


Other quick links: 

 Money Making Sunny - Finance Whiz Kids on Amazon

90 Seconds to a Life you Love


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Monday, April 1, 2019

S2 Ep: 7 Ali Cudby: Business School, Bras and Being the New Girl

If I had a soapbox, one of the things I'd shout most is about context.  Do you know how to weave together the circumstances based on the setting.  That's context. 

Ali Cudby shares her story about bringing her Ivy League Education to the Midwest values of being one of "us".  How she stood tall in her story AND learned to speak the language of the Midwest and how to connect here. 

Ali has rich experience she shares from Hollywood, The New York Times, Wharton School of Business, Entrepreneur and an Author. 

Her bra story is worth a listen! Not everyone has a life changing bra experience about finding belonging that turns you into an author and an entrepreneur. 

Find Ali and her business Your Iconic Brand here. Check out her LinkedIn profile and her book, Fit My Bras: How to Find Your Perfect Bra and Why it Matters! Ali is passionate about helping you keep your customers.  #CustomerLoyalty

We'll have her back on this fall when her new book about Customer Loyalty launches fall 2019!

New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Soul Food!

Today learn about SOUL FOOD and how to get you some! 

Newflash: It's not something that comes naturally to us high achieving women.

 Jen Petro, the owner of, a marketing company working with companies that have a passion driven mission.  

She shares her yearly practice of taking a personal retreat to reflect, strategize and rest, now that’s soul food!   Jen swears by this practice and would no way give it up as a part of her yearly strategy planning for work and life.

Disconnecting is counter-intuitive to how high achieving women typically operate.  We "white knuckle it" through things and applaud ourselves that we're sticking with it, when we're often making things worse.  

What we need is a break, not as a luxury, as a necessity.   

Self Care Rant around 8 minute mark!  Jen and I hate on bath bombs and rose'. 

The intent of a personal retreat is rest and rejuvenation, what self care was supposed to mean.

Being with yourself long enough to study your thoughts, to study your current behaviors and ask yourself what needs to change? What do I need to be a better version of myself.


This does not have to be expensive!  Jen has great trips to meet every situation!

FREE PERSONAL RETREAT DOWNLOAD!!!!  WHAT!!!   It’s so good she should have charged for it! - Hit this link and scroll to the bottom of the page, it's beautiful!

As high achieving women, we don't use our strategic powers to ask  “what do I need right now?”  

 To turn all of our special powers inward.


Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Charles Lindbergh’s wife would go to a little cottage on the beach by herself for months. Women need solitude to find the true essence of who they are and get to the core of who they are.  


We have trapped ourselves by thinking we are the center our universe. However, we do not control our universe. In fact, that perspective is hurtful not only to ourselves but to others.  When we don't let the others in our lives step up and use all of their gifts and talents, we've robbed them.  

Jen -  “I didn't realize how wound I was and how on edge”   

We need this to remind ourselves, we're far more  BADASS than we give ourselves credit for.

“I think so many of us have lost her way or maybe we never really knew who we were.”

You don’t always need dramatic changes, sometimes you need a quiet space to reflect on how you feel about your current life to gain appreciation and perspective.

Dr Caroline Leaf - Think, Learn, Succeed

REQUEST:  If you decide to take a retreat based on this episode, Give me a shout and let me have you on as a guest to talk about your experience!

  Reflection Questions:    

 1. When is the last time you were just quiet and honest with yourself about what you need?

 2. What is holding you back from taking that kind of time? .


AND a SUPER discount on a 12 week course for women looking to build a business!  Use code: BADASS   


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Monday, February 18, 2019

Your Gifts Must Be Shared

We all have gifts and talents and passions.  Our gifts and talents are meant to be utilized!  We're wired for certain things for a reason.  When we align with our gifts and talents and passions, we have a strong desire to thrive and our communities benefit from our gifts.  

Brittany Overbeck owner of Blue House Bridal tried to move away from her gifts but thankfully they drew her back! 

Check out these reviews on her Facebook page!  Passion Pays Off!

Also in this episode, Brittany discusses the thrill of challenging yourself to try new things and explore all of your interests!  This small town girl has kept her small town values and is now exploring the world! She's an entrepreneur, professional ballroom dancer and even tried out to be a Colts Cheerleader.  Hear from Brittany and be inspired by her no fear approach to life!  

I can't wait to see what she's up to next!  



New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!