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Monday, May 4, 2009

Oldie but a Goodie -

I found this post from 2005 in another one of my blogs. It speaks so much to these Lessons from the Recession that I thought I'd post it here. So much of what we have learned would have never come to be without the cruddiness (hmm, i think i made up another really good word) of job loss.

I believe - Sept 2005
What do we believe?
What do I believe?
I believe that being honest with others is a lot easier than being honest with yourself.
I believe that out of tragedy, God will prevail.
I believe that it sometimes takes a tragedy to set things right again.
I believe that in times of tragedy we find our strength, we find our fear, and we find each other.
I believe that our emotions are our best friend and our worst enemy.
I believe that most people are inherently good and we often screw each other up unintentionally.
I believe that if you watch the things you don’t like in your children, you can trace it back to what you don’t like in yourself.
I believe that understanding change is a whole lot easier than changing.
I believe that if we looked in the mirror more and at each other less, things would get a lot easier.
I believe that the more you know and the more you have, the harder it is to find the things that matter most.
I believe that our deepest pain can teach us the most if we listen to it and try to understand.
I believe that being a parent is the hardest job I’ve ever had.
I believe that marriage starts out as an art and later requires more science and a respect for both.
I believe that in the absence of purpose, the soul begins to spoil.
I believe that there is a line we cross when we finally understand that our parents don’t know everything and crossing that line frees us, changes us, and scares us.
I believe the trees are more interesting and beautiful in the winter when we can see their architecture and their soul.
I believe people are more interesting and beautiful when we can see their architecture and their soul. Unfortunately, we don’t always show it until we are in pain and vulnerable with our leaves and covering stripped away.
What do you believe?