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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And the answer is .....

As I wrote last, my guy has two opportunities on the table. Two opportunities that really couldn't be more different.
The start up tech company with a brilliant value proposition and trustworthy partners starting from scratch,

or the Fortune 500 base plus commission Corporate America route.

I voted tech start up. I believe this is suited to his entrepreneurial spirit. He has brilliant out-of-the-box ideas that he needs to use.

He agonizes over turning down a salary that will give us some immediate financial relief.

I say, hey, we're broke already, let's ride it out!

Really, here's the metaphor......

You know the young bride that is so caught up in planning her wedding and puts everything into the flowers, the dresses, oh no, what about the seating chart! That's really about accepting the offer.

What the bride should be thinking about is, "Do I want to wake up beside this guy for the rest of my life?" That's the work that needs to be done once the offer is accepted.

Take the offer itself off the table. Just concentrate on 'the work'. Which job do you want to get up to every single day? Which one would feed you most, spiritually, intellectually, and of course financially but not just financially. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to making big money. Safe and quick may be bigger today, but risk and reward could be more lucrative long term.

And, I'm a big fan of safety. My kids wear life jackets and they wear sunscreen. I'm a safety girl. But, I don't want my guy to be so concerned about our financial safety that he misses the opportunity to go running off the end of the dock arms flailing into a giant cannonball that feels so great you forget where you are and can't wait to get up the ladder to do it again and again every day.

As I've mentioned before, we're a prayful bunch. I gave my two cents now we're praying about it every day until the final answer needs to be given.

Either way, I'd much rather spend my days wondering WHICH job he'll take!

Stay tuned for more, Lessons from the Recession.