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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yesterday was an Interview Day

Yesterday my guy had a phone interview. The sun shines brighter on interview day! (cue birds singing and sun beams)
Even MY days go better when my guy has an interview day. They bring hope.

Phone interviews don't require polishing your shoes, but they are still very cool days. They are cool because we are reminded that someone, besides those that live in our house, still believe we have skills, worth and promise.

We puff out our chests a bit on interview day and say, "Take that Mr. Recession, hundreds of people applied for this job and I got the phone interview!" We don't focus on the fact that the job wasn't exactly what we thought and it may not be a perfect fit. We focus on the feedback. Out of hundreds of resumes submitted to their website, only two people networked their way to the decision maker with persistance and focus. And who was one of those two?

Yes, fine people, that was my guy. (insert chest pounding sound)

We pray alot on interview day, of course. But I also dream of Target on interview day. On this particular interview day I was driving right past the SUPER Target. You know, Target with food and a Starbucks! Talk about the triple threat of cool in my book. Food, coffee and stuff I don't need that looks great and costs little - Oh how I love you SUPER Target. I'll be back some day.(snap out of your stuper, this isn't all about you)

Oh yea, back to the interview. So, It's not the perfect job but it's a connection. And there are some perfect jobs in that same company. We still need to impress, maybe he'll be referred, or start in the not so perfect job and wow em to the job he really wants. The company is still a good company. And most important the interviewer, "would be his boss guy", was a good guy. Big points for working for a good guy.

So, we go through the same routine, pour over the follow up letter, read it, edit it, read it, change it. Should he run to the post office (15 miles away) before the 4:30 deadline so he gets the hand written thank you out quickly or can it wait until tomorrow morning on the way to take the boy to band practice? Big decisions people, this is our mortgage we're talking about!

This time during the follow up letter we have a great conversation about the nature of sales today (remember I've got this consulting gig I do for a living so I'm rarely short on opinions or the latest article on trends) Anyway, it leads us to a great conversation and some new ideas for my guy. You see, interview day takes you to the next level. It has you thinking of things differently, adding new ideas to the mix. Interview day is a good day.

Interview day takes us to the next level. The next level of preparation and understanding of where we are meant to be and not to be.

Thank you interview day.

See you soon, SUPER Target.