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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Twitter - using Tweets - in my own little Twitterverse. Sure, go ahead, judge me, or applaud me, depending what side of the Twitterfence you sit on. (Some of you are wondering what Twitter even is, we'll talk later.)

I started following this young polish girl from Italy on Twitter. I accidentally stumbled on her profile. It was her picture that stopped me immediately. Why you ask?

Because she was simple. Beautiful in her simplicity. She was plain and she was sporting her plain beautifully. Maybe it was the plainness 'at her age' that was such a startling contrast. With the Hannahs, Taylors, and other teen queens trying to out sparkle and outshine each other, it was refreshing and rejuvenating to see this beautiful plain young girl.

Then I started reading her Tweets. She's a normal teenager, the music she likes and teen stars she follows. What I love most is her Tweets. "BBQ tonight with Mom and Dad." or " going for a walk with my sister and her boyfriend" or "we ate plums today - yum" "Playing cards." One of my favorites, "Dad coming home today. So happy."

Simple. Beautiful. Simple.

Why on this earth is a 43 year old wife, mother of 2, successful consultant, aspiring writer, following a young girl that "Tweets about plums"?

Simple. Beautiful. Simple.

These messages are such a stark contrast from all of the other messages trying to convince me, sell me, inspire me, entertain me, aggravate me. When I see her simple beauty and read about her simple life, I pause for a moment and remind myself of the absolute beauty in the simplicity.

So why don't we all pause for a moment, cut out half the crap we're doing, thinking, buying, wearing, and be.....

Simple. Beautiful. Simple.

If you decide to do this, send me a Tweet. @rebeccahession

I'll follow you too.

This isn't a polish girl living in Italy.
This is my girl that I'm working to keep Simple. Beautiful. Simple.