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Friday, November 6, 2009

Quality or Quickly

I read my last blog post from earlier this week.  It sucked.

After reading it, it's painfully obvious why I received no comments. I still like what I wrote about, but the writing sucked.

I wrote that post because the idea was spinning in my head and I wanted to get it down before my week of work and family chewed up the other 166 hours of my week. Quickly, not with quality.

I love to write. I love it like I love my kids and husband, love it. I also love my job. I also love food and sleep.  That's a lot of love to spread over 168 hours. 

It's a fine line between being blessed and being crazed. I fully understand that I'm one of the lucky ones to have so much love in my life. Too much of anything good can sometimes go bad.  Just last night I ate so much pizza I was up all night feeling like total crap.  I love pizza, too much.

Loving so much about my life leaves me feeling torn and crazed some weeks.

What are the things that it's ok to sacrifice and put out a crappy outcome to get it done quickly? Not everything can be done with excellence, all the time. And what are those things that we must narrow our focus and do it really really well?

No sense in me telling you my list.  It won't be the same for you. 

Better to have written something, rather than nothing ... I think. If I'm ever to be the published writer I want to be, I have to decide how many crappy posts are acceptable for you and for me, in the name of quickly over quality. Besides, can you ever have too much love?  You can if it comes in the form of a sausage and mushroom pizza.