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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Forget all your troubles, come on get happy.

First of all, you all know the title to this post is total crap right? It's pretty dang hard to forget your troubles and just get happy.  Unless you're 12 and your troubles are needing batteries for your wii remote.  If your troubles are real, then forgetting them isn't usually an option.

2009 was the year so many of us got real, because we had real troubles.  We got real about our relationships, got real about our money, got real about our jobs or our lack of jobs, got real about the difference between want and need, got real about how connected we all really are.

If you came out of 2009 unscathed in some way, you must drink too much or have a monthly relationship with a pharmaceutical company.Which clearly means you have troubles and just don't see them.

2009 is the year that you likely realized that the goal can't always be happiness.  And how we derive our happiness can't be from a new big screen TV, or a bigger house, or a faster car.  You better be looking for happiness somewhere besides the car lot.

2009 was also the year we likely learned a lot about ourselves. God never promised us happiness.  He promised us the experiences that we need to learn and grow and be closer to Him.  If we constantly move away from anything that's uncomfortable, we'll never find the happiness on the other side of the challenge.  Each sucksville moment is designed to make us better, stronger, more caring, and more complete. Embrace the thing that sucks!  This has been a blog theme of mine since my guy lost his job and the Lessons from the Recession blog began.

If you're still struggling with those things that really suck about your life, just stop for a minute today and be still. Listen. Learn. Make some changes. Pray.

I've learned more about myself and my family while trying to figure out how to pay the mortgage this last year than I have in my first 43 years. It still sucks, but at least I'm learning.

What kind of lessons have you learned in your sucksville moments?  Share your stories in the comments below.