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Saturday, February 20, 2010

In this place I am...

I took a trip today.

I took a trip to the quiet place in my heart. The place that feels settled, hopeful, excited, creative, energized.

I love this place.  I have been in passionate pursuit of this place.

In this place I am a writer, a rockstar, God's child, mom of the year. I am happy. I am hopeful. I am the me God made me to be.

The music plays and my mind and my heart go to places of possibility that I can barely conceive. In this dance, it is my heart that leads. My mind falls into step.  Together, in rhythm, in sync, in love. 

It is here that everything is not only possible, but probable.  It is here that my mind rests and rejuvenates. I create, I believe, I hope, I see, I am. 

Who really knows who I am in this place?  This is my place. To share it is to change it.  So I sit in it and I close my eyes and let it wash over me. I let it soak it into my skin, penetrating my pores, my heart, my prayers.