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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lean into it.

Lean into it. Lean forward, that's it, now take that next little step. It's hard to lean without taking another little step, even if it's a stumble or a shuffle or a baby step. It was still one more step forward.

This has served me well more times then not. Sure, I've busted my *arse* a few times, who hasn't. But at least it was in the name of moving forward.

I remember years ago sitting on my couch writing and thinking, I wonder what this blog thing is. So I leaned forward and googled the word blog and set up my blogger account. Leaning forward.

A few years later, a friend told me about Twitter, I signed up and sent my blog to the world. Leaning forward.

Today thousands of people from all over the world have read my blog. That's just plain cool.

All great things in my life have happened from a few steps that started with a little lean.

I'm not a big fan of the lean back, or worse yet, the lean back and bitch about everyone else, or the "worsetest ever", lean back and blame everyone else for what you don't have.

I'm also not a big fan of the steam roll over everyone in your way.  Everyone in your life is impacted by the steps you take. 

Lean forward, stumble, fall, get back up and take just one more step in the right direction. Forward.

How do you keep leaning forward?  What could you do today that would be just a little lean?