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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What kind of dinner companion are you?

I'm having dinner tonight with my "client turned friend", Vickie.  I've looked forward to this all day. 

I don't look forward to all of my meetings.  It has me thinking.  What is about meeting with Vickie.....

Vickie will breeze in with a smile on her face no matter what kind of day she's had.  She may even be complaining about her day but she does it with a smile and an attitude that you know she'll find a way to turn that frown upside down.

Vickie knows that this world is powered by something way bigger than Facebook, or corporate America and she's not afraid to talk about it. Vickie prays for me. (Feel free to join her, I'll take all the help I can get.)

Vickie cares about me.  She started out as my client and she always cares about it being a win win relationship. I call her my friend because she's now invested in me and my family and she cares.

Vickie will ask me questions and then really listen to my responses. Not the fake listening kind.  She'll listen and respond and engage to truly understand what's on my heart and mind.

Vickie is kind.  Even when she's frustrated by someone or something, she doesn't let that shake her values to turn her into some freak on a mission.  She finds a way to fix it or get away from what's 'ick'. And she does it with herself intact.

Vickie makes me laugh.  She's not Seinfeld or anything, but she's just got a great view of the world that is light and great to be around.

So enough about Vickie.  What kind of a dinner companion am I?  What kind are you? 

I don't bother writing a post on the whiner, complainer, 'woe is me' types. I don't dare schedule dinner with them either!

I realize that I was kind of a whiner a couple of times today but I'm cleaning up my act before Vickie gets here because that's not cool.  Let's all work to be more like Vickie.

More Vick and Less Ick - Bumper stickers being printed now.