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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Yeller's Anonymous Here I Come

I did a really scary thing today.  Really. Scary.

No, I didn't skydive, or ride a bull, or get a tattoo.

I sent a request to my very own Dude to fill out part of my 360 survey feedback for work.  The feedback is about overall effectiveness.  Where do I really need to improve my overall effectiveness?  Yea, at home.

I've sent them to my husband several times before, bringing Dude into the mix, that's new.  That's scary, because he has no reason to put filters on his opinion.

I must admit, I did look over his shoulder a couple of times as he filled it out, but I never commented, coughed or rolled my eyes. I didn't even flinch when one of his improvement comments was something to do with yelling too much. Ouch.

So, the scary part isn't asking for the feedback, or getting the feedback.  The really scary part is the accountability I now have to make the changes.  There's nothing worse than giving someone feedback and having them ignore it.

Maybe I'll join a "Yellers Anonymous Group".  I'll stand up in the back of the dark room with my coffee, "Hi, My name is Rebecca and I have a vein in my neck that likely will rupture some morning when my son is looking for his other shoe and the bus is pulling down the road."  Then the other moms will respond, "Hi, Rebecca, we're glad you're here" in unison.

Maybe I'll take a class.  How to keep your kids out of therapy in 7 steps. I'll pay $99 and go to the downtown Marriott and sit in the front row and take notes.

Yep, I haven't even received the final report yet but I'm preparing for my, "Be a Better Mom Plan".  I think that was the reason I gave him the survey. Ugh, what was I thinking!