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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Muse

This week was one of those weeks with not enough sleep, lots of cool work, a shortage of workouts, an excess of junk food and a sense of "wow", TGIF.

So I settled on the deck at 7pm on Friday night with my laptop and a glass of wine. My favorite combo pack.

My favorite 12 year old, Dude, joined me. Not with the wine, but out on the deck.

I shared with Dude the outline for the Not Wrong, Just Different book and the bones of the website that's being built. Without a blink or a wink of sarcasm he said, "Wow, mom, I bet you can help a ton of people, millions probably."

I teared up, smiled and said, "Yep, Dude, that's the plan."

And with that, the scary clients, late forecasts and 45 tasks were forgotten and replaced with a sense of gratitude and awe both for the Not Wrong, Just Different ADHD approach and the admiration of the reader that matters most, my muse, my inspiration.

As they say in the Dicks Sporting Goods store, "Life is Good".