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Monday, July 12, 2010

You're lame if you don't read this book

I've not done an official book review here on Random Thoughts until today.

This one is important.

This one is important for you, and for your kids and how you raise them.

You may not have noticed yet, while you're busy getting the kids off to soccer or just trying to keep up on the whirlwind of your life, the world has changed. The way we think, act and work is different.

The good news is, the changes have some fantastic opportunities lying inside them, like the center of a Tootsie Roll pop. You're going to need to be aware of those changes or you'll just have another sucker. Or you'll just be another sucker, working for "the man" trying to keep up.

 The book is Linchpin - Are you Indispensable? by Seth Godin. I bought this book full price in hardback from the bookstore, the day it came out. That's big.

If you've got a Twitter account and are spending much time on the interwebz of the world, you've likely already heard of Seth or of Linchpin.  I'm writing this review for the rest of you. Especially those raising kids. 

Seth states in the opening comments, 

"You are not a faceless cog in the machinery of capitalism (anymore). You now have a choice. This book outlines the two paths available to each of us, and teaches you about why you might be resisting the less-traveled (but better) choice. 

Seth outlines the two team choices, management & labor or the linchpins.  Linchpins he goes on to say are those "who own their own means of production, who can make a difference, lead us & connect us."

We must understand today how to raise our children to be Linchpins. Don't be lame, click on the link and buy it. Be super cool and buy it through this link so I get a couple of coins in the deal. K?

I do find it interesting that I find a new bald guy to follow around every 15 years or so.  I wasn't, however, a Spock fan. Save the jokes, I see it, but I don't want to hear it.