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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not Wrong Just Different - have you checked it out?

This is my sneaky blog within a blog post.

If you're not hooked in already, please check out my book/blog project: Not Wrong Just Different.

This is my site to house my book ideas and feedback from you on ADHD relationships.  If you know someone in an ADHD relationship please pass this on to them.  I'm craving feedback.  My goal is to complete this book, Not Wrong Just Different by 11/11/11 - Not a small task with my wacky life!

 I have two new posts up:
1. My Journey with ADHD starts here - this is my intro to the book
2. Our Love and Our Differences Equally Profound - just another Saturday with Dude and I trying to figure out how to live happily ever after with two very different brains

Thanks for reading!  And double thanks for commenting!