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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning ...... on me.

Normally this time of year I'd be cleaning closets and windows. This year I decided to clean out my body toxins too.  A little Spring Break tune up for the almost 45 year old me.

For the last year I've been paying more attention to eating real food and trying to reduce the amount of crap I put in my body. My friend and colleague Lilibeth told me about this 9 day cleanse she had done that really kicked things up a notch and knocked off a few pounds in the process.

Like any full blooded American the healthy lifestyle was interesting but thinking about knocking off a few pounds before Spring Break was enough to kick me into action.

I signed up, wrote the check and started a 9 day cleanse. The hubs and Dude both rolled their eyes and I was careful to explain to the girl this was about toxin cleansing and not weight loss. (parenting requires some good marketing over the cold hard truth sometimes, don't judge)

I'm on Day 4 of the cleanse and holy hype I feel freakin' fantastic. Seriously, I was prepared to be all, "yea, I did it, brag brag check it out" and then move right back into Cheez-It's and cheesecake but this is the real deal.

I wake up in the morning without needing to hit the snooze for an hour. My knee that has been killing me for months doesn't hurt and I feel a big boost in clarity. Of course the increase in clarity may be because I haven't had any kind of booze in a week.

This is proving to me that there is something very real and very scary about all the preservatives and plastic and crap we've added to our lives in the name of convenience.  I'm not saying I won't ever put another Cheez-It in my mouth or devour a bottle glass of Merlot, but I've kicked up my mindful eating a thousands notches. Not to mention I've already lost 6 lbs and almost 4 inches. That doesn't suck. Bring on the bathing suit, I Swiffered the muffin top.