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Monday, March 14, 2011

Thankful Thought for Today: There's no Soy Sauce in my Underwear

Just another Manic Monday wasn't just a pop song from the 90's. It was our morning here at the Hession House.

The girl got her skinny leg jeans stuck trying to pull them off over a pair of high top Chuck Taylor's in a fit of panic because her jeans had a spot on them and she HAD to change as the bus was coming down the road.

Dude couldn't believe I'd send him to school today with the kind of cold that felt like a million wasps stinging the inside of his nose on a day when they were working on the farm and the wind blowing around in there would be MISERABLE. quote, unquote.

Those are just a few snips from the highlight reel. Because it's my blog, I won't share many of my unsavory responses or contributions.

Ironically, I was reading before I went to sleep last night and planning a very different day full of healthy food, sunshine, roses and gratitude.

In trying to steer myself back into the world of zen, let me share this moment of thankfulness with you.

As I was unloading the dryer and pulled out this little gem (see pic below), I am ridiculously thankful to the packet makers for their expertise in making a washer/dryer proof pack and that there is no soy sauce in my underwear.

Thank you, Lord. Please let the love flow and the miracles continue.