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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Join me, Tell your "I Lost It" story

I lost it today.

Not my keys, or my sunglasses, or 50 bucks. Nope, I lost my crazy little mind. I yelled, I threw things, I broke things that require parts to be ordered.

I hate it when I lose it. I spend the rest of the day feeling like the loser that I started out as this morning.

For those that want to know why I lost it. You know, the big stuff.

Food in the wrong side of the sink without the disposal, stacks of toys and laundry up the stairs and across the landing that I asked to be put away in the Bush Administration, an orthodontist appointment and ISTEP that were supposed to take place at the same time, cereal poured that was requested and refused to be eaten, windows left rolled down allowing the 483rd day of rain to now be deposited into my new car, the license plates that still aren't updated on the now drenched new car, the uncertainty of how I'm going to be at a key client and picking up my son tomorrow afternoon at exactly the same time and the pile of dog hair in the laundry room after I just spent a small fortune at the groomers. Duh!

Yea, right? Embarrassing. I'm not sure which one was the straw last to the party. I think it was more of a crescendo into crazy.

Anyway, I already cleaned two rooms and ate a whole pack of green marshmallow Peeps and I'm still not feeling back to normal. The only thing that's really going to help me out is "misery loves company".

So, I ask you Random Thinkers, please share your "I Lost It" story in the comments below. Once I read those I can relish in the company of crazy.

Go on, do it now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Letter to Those That Do the Weather

Dear Weather People,

We need to talk. I'm not sure if you're suffering from a slow news day, the need for more camera time or the sick need to become a major alarmist, but..... enough already.

I guess there's value in your "early warning system" but there's also a dark side called, let's scare the bejeezus out of every man, woman, and dog with your red zones and your beep beep beeps. From the feel of your coverage last night it was a weather Holocaust. Everyone I encountered this morning at the doctor's office, coffee shop, and dog groomer was bleary eyed and spent.  Not bleary eyed because the storms were horrific, because you scared the shit out of everyone's kids and elderly parents and they had spent the night in bed with four kids, a cockapoo and their mom's oxygen tank in their queen size Posturepedic.

Enough is enough. There is such a thing as too much information. Please consider yourself a good filter. You can stare at all that beeping and flashing and swirling and when it's time for me to get to the basement and put my prayers into hyper gear, then beep out my Parenthood show and tell me to get my ass to the basement. Then I'll know you mean it.  Right now you've become a tiny boy with a big wolf that rarely seems to come.

I've spent most of my 45 years living in the midwest. I'm no stranger to storms and tornadoes. When I was a kid we kept an eye on the weather and when it started to sound like a freight train coming around the corner we'd grab Fido and Tabby and stumble down the cement steps into the cellar and sit among the 10 year old canned tomato juice until the train had passed. THAT was our warning system. You may have saved a few more lives from tornadoes with your fancy schmancy equipment but you're killing more of us slowly and fueling the Prozac market by scaring the crap out of us.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find Parenthood online because my tivo'd version is 15 minutes of tv show and 45 minutes of your red dots and beeping and I don't even have a limb down in my woods.

Except for you @PaulPoteet you're still my favorite. Tweet me if I need to head to my basement and sit beside the catbox until the storm passes. I promise to listen and respond appropriately.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthdays - A Time to Rock What You've Got

I had to laugh this morning when I checked Twitter and one of my followers wished me a Happy (highly publicized) Birthday. Crack me up.

I have zero amount of shame for celebrating my birthday and shouting it from the rooftop. God has given me a life totally worth publicizing and I owe it to Him to rock it out!

Think about it, how would you feel if one of your kids wasn't in to celebrating their birthday, as their parent wouldn't you feel kinda bad about that. You gave them life, changed all those diapers and they don't want to celebrate the life you gave them. How rude. I think God feels the same way. When I start announcing my birthday to the world and buying myself flowers and new shoes, I'm not only celebrating me, I'm celebrating the life He gave me.

I've finally learned that even the really sucky times in my life are designed to bring me goodness in the long run. So today I celebrate the good, the bad and the ugly of the last 44 years and walk boldly and confidently into my 45th year with some kick-ass new shoes!

So if you'll excuse me I must get back to my celebration that I fully intend on stretching completely through the weekend and then again at the end of the month on my road trip with my BFF through the hills of Kentucky on the Bourbon Tour. Cuz, that's how we roll.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Birthday Poem

I turn the big 4 5 on Saturday!

My girl wrote me this birthday poem tonight - L U V 


Mommy oh Mommy so kind and neat,

Mommy oh Mommy so organized and sweet. 

Mommy oh Mommy so happy of what you do, 

How could I ever live without you!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Three Things I Like About My Kids

As our Spring Break winds to a close I was thinking on my run this morning about what I love about my kids. Thought I'd share the highlights.

1. They notice beauty around them.
I've always pointed out beautiful things to them since they were babies. Mostly we notice the sky. Now they will point things out to me. Mom, did you see those flowers! Look at those storm clouds aren't they beautiful? I love this about them. There will be good times that come and go but if you can be awestruck for a minute each day with the beauty God gave us, that's good stuff.

2. They hate my cursing.
Look, I'm not proud of my potty mouth and I've toned it down a bunch. Because my kids remind me it's gross I'm motivated to try harder. What I love is that rather than follow in my crude footsteps they're shining a light to pull their mom from the gutter. On vacation this week, when a little girl about six jumped in the pool and screamed, "it's freakin' cold in here" at the top of her lungs, her Dad beamed with pride and said, "she's not ours." My kids shot me a look and whispered in the elevator, "did you hear that!". I like that about them.

3. They know inappropriate when they see it.
We're on the beach this week in gift shop hell. On separate occasions each of my kids came to me to say they didn't walk down a certain aisle because things are inappropriate. I of course couldn't wait to see what that was. The girl pointed to the section full of coffee cups shaped like boobs.

Sometimes I wonder how we've lucked out so far and not messed these kids up too much.

Let's face it, we're all just wingin' this parenting gig. I'm glad so far my kids are more KFC less Hooters for their wings.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vacation Work is Different

Vacationing with kids can be work. I say this on a Tuesday of a Saturday to Saturday vacation. Sure I'm having a great time but think about it. It took me 3 full nights on the internet to find a condo.I started buying shorts, sunscreen and beach gear a month ago because my kids outgrow everything in 6 months. I spent at least 2 days packing. I got in the car with my two parents and my two kids for TWO days of driving. I booked a hotel on the way down only to find they hadn't held two rooms for me when we try to check in at midnight. I give my,"I'll kill you in your sleep" look to the young night clerk until she caves and gives me someone else's room. Only to be woken at 1:30am by someone opening our hotel room door and flipping on the light because they still gave them a key. I spend the two days in the car managing normal brother-sister spats with a healthy dose of ADHD for extra challenge and flavor. I arrive at the beach to spend the first night unpacking and grocery shopping. I spend the next day slathering sunscreen like an addict on my Midwestern albino children then back to the grocery store for all the forgotten items. Then back to the drugstore for more sunscreen and aloe gel because there's not enough sunscreen to protect the transparent. I spend nearly three hours searching for the missing iTouch, not because I care about the value of the gadget but because it has every song my aspiring musician has ever written. I pray to find the thing like I prayed when they were born. I pray for the missing music and I pray because I can't imagine the trip home without it. I call home to order the hubs to pray, this is serious.

This my friends is a TRUE account of this vacation to date. Work. Important work.

The difference is, my intent for this work is to bring joy to my family and to find these moments that matter. To look my kids in the eye and interact and have fun. The intent at home is to make money, pay the bills, keep the dog from eating the homework, make it to guitar before the lesson begins, keep our world spinning.

What if I could borrow the intent of vacation and bring some of that into our day to day? Vacation is work, but it's also our reset button. Our reminder of what matters most. The joy of little Cokes in a bottle we'd never pay $5 bucks for at home. The prayers answered and the extreme relief when the go kart manager calls with the found iTouch. Waking up with no alarm even though it's the same time we'd wake up at home.

Vacation is work but the reward is all ours, no sharing on the profit margin of a Kodak memory.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cue Rocky Theme Song - Post Cleanse Post

Day 9 of my Spring cleaning on me. The final day of my 9 day toxin cleanse. This is going to sound crazy. I don't want it to end! I feel better than I've felt since I was 26 and a half.

So I'm sugar free, caffeine free, alcohol free, and preservative free for more than 9 days now. That may not sound like a big deal to you green, organic, yogi, dewy skinned beauties. But this girl 9 days ago was a Starbucks slurping, wine guzzling, ate fairly healthy but gourged on pizza and vats of chips & salsa semi regularly kind of gal.

So I didn't start at sloth but I have actually consummed a Big Mac, 6 piece nugget, large fry and large Coke in one setting. And this was brought on by a tequila bender the night before. So in my book I'm average.

I'm thinking that when we try to make little changes over time we can't really get the high of good health quick enough to fuel our fire. There are so many habits and social situations beckoning us into a shrimp fest at Red Lobster. Damned those cheddar biscuits!

I realized that most of the time when I was putting food in my mouth it wasn't because I was
hungry. Much more it was social or emotional or bored. Or because I love to cook. And I love to eat.

I believe most of us dabble in good health. I'm a runner but I've followed most of my half marathons with a burger, fries, and beer as my reward.

Dabble in this, dabble in that. Slight changes that never broke the barrier to give as good place to start.

This 9 day cleanse has been like the reset button. This is the feeling I've been trying to gain with my dabbling but could never sustain the effort or balance my approach enough.

With this 9 day prescribed regimine I had an hour by hour plan I could follow. Luckily I'm stubborn enough to stick something out to the letter if it's something I choose to do. And I
did. Textbook. No cheats.

Here I am the day after I wrap up, I'm feeling 3 times the energy, semi-dewy skin, and down about 7 lbs. and over 4 inches. Now I'm in a spot where I can look at my habits more critically because I want to hang on to this "buzz"!

I'm not throwing away my Starbucks gold card or my first name basis at the wine shop but I'm moving into mindful eating. Yes, eating for fuel first, social second.

And don't bother arguing with me in the comments because I'm feeling pretty on top of my game and I'm sure I could take you.