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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cue Rocky Theme Song - Post Cleanse Post

Day 9 of my Spring cleaning on me. The final day of my 9 day toxin cleanse. This is going to sound crazy. I don't want it to end! I feel better than I've felt since I was 26 and a half.

So I'm sugar free, caffeine free, alcohol free, and preservative free for more than 9 days now. That may not sound like a big deal to you green, organic, yogi, dewy skinned beauties. But this girl 9 days ago was a Starbucks slurping, wine guzzling, ate fairly healthy but gourged on pizza and vats of chips & salsa semi regularly kind of gal.

So I didn't start at sloth but I have actually consummed a Big Mac, 6 piece nugget, large fry and large Coke in one setting. And this was brought on by a tequila bender the night before. So in my book I'm average.

I'm thinking that when we try to make little changes over time we can't really get the high of good health quick enough to fuel our fire. There are so many habits and social situations beckoning us into a shrimp fest at Red Lobster. Damned those cheddar biscuits!

I realized that most of the time when I was putting food in my mouth it wasn't because I was
hungry. Much more it was social or emotional or bored. Or because I love to cook. And I love to eat.

I believe most of us dabble in good health. I'm a runner but I've followed most of my half marathons with a burger, fries, and beer as my reward.

Dabble in this, dabble in that. Slight changes that never broke the barrier to give as good place to start.

This 9 day cleanse has been like the reset button. This is the feeling I've been trying to gain with my dabbling but could never sustain the effort or balance my approach enough.

With this 9 day prescribed regimine I had an hour by hour plan I could follow. Luckily I'm stubborn enough to stick something out to the letter if it's something I choose to do. And I
did. Textbook. No cheats.

Here I am the day after I wrap up, I'm feeling 3 times the energy, semi-dewy skin, and down about 7 lbs. and over 4 inches. Now I'm in a spot where I can look at my habits more critically because I want to hang on to this "buzz"!

I'm not throwing away my Starbucks gold card or my first name basis at the wine shop but I'm moving into mindful eating. Yes, eating for fuel first, social second.

And don't bother arguing with me in the comments because I'm feeling pretty on top of my game and I'm sure I could take you.