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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Join me, Tell your "I Lost It" story

I lost it today.

Not my keys, or my sunglasses, or 50 bucks. Nope, I lost my crazy little mind. I yelled, I threw things, I broke things that require parts to be ordered.

I hate it when I lose it. I spend the rest of the day feeling like the loser that I started out as this morning.

For those that want to know why I lost it. You know, the big stuff.

Food in the wrong side of the sink without the disposal, stacks of toys and laundry up the stairs and across the landing that I asked to be put away in the Bush Administration, an orthodontist appointment and ISTEP that were supposed to take place at the same time, cereal poured that was requested and refused to be eaten, windows left rolled down allowing the 483rd day of rain to now be deposited into my new car, the license plates that still aren't updated on the now drenched new car, the uncertainty of how I'm going to be at a key client and picking up my son tomorrow afternoon at exactly the same time and the pile of dog hair in the laundry room after I just spent a small fortune at the groomers. Duh!

Yea, right? Embarrassing. I'm not sure which one was the straw last to the party. I think it was more of a crescendo into crazy.

Anyway, I already cleaned two rooms and ate a whole pack of green marshmallow Peeps and I'm still not feeling back to normal. The only thing that's really going to help me out is "misery loves company".

So, I ask you Random Thinkers, please share your "I Lost It" story in the comments below. Once I read those I can relish in the company of crazy.

Go on, do it now.