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Friday, April 8, 2011

Three Things I Like About My Kids

As our Spring Break winds to a close I was thinking on my run this morning about what I love about my kids. Thought I'd share the highlights.

1. They notice beauty around them.
I've always pointed out beautiful things to them since they were babies. Mostly we notice the sky. Now they will point things out to me. Mom, did you see those flowers! Look at those storm clouds aren't they beautiful? I love this about them. There will be good times that come and go but if you can be awestruck for a minute each day with the beauty God gave us, that's good stuff.

2. They hate my cursing.
Look, I'm not proud of my potty mouth and I've toned it down a bunch. Because my kids remind me it's gross I'm motivated to try harder. What I love is that rather than follow in my crude footsteps they're shining a light to pull their mom from the gutter. On vacation this week, when a little girl about six jumped in the pool and screamed, "it's freakin' cold in here" at the top of her lungs, her Dad beamed with pride and said, "she's not ours." My kids shot me a look and whispered in the elevator, "did you hear that!". I like that about them.

3. They know inappropriate when they see it.
We're on the beach this week in gift shop hell. On separate occasions each of my kids came to me to say they didn't walk down a certain aisle because things are inappropriate. I of course couldn't wait to see what that was. The girl pointed to the section full of coffee cups shaped like boobs.

Sometimes I wonder how we've lucked out so far and not messed these kids up too much.

Let's face it, we're all just wingin' this parenting gig. I'm glad so far my kids are more KFC less Hooters for their wings.