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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tribute to the 10,000th Tweet

In celebration of my 10,000 tweet on twitter.

My thanks to @thescottbishop for turning me on to the ferris wheel of musings and news.

While my initial intentions of buying my Twitter ticket were purely selfish, to publish my own musings.  I have come to learn the interesting and unique value this world has brought to me. 

Here are my top 6   

1. Search and Rescue - I love being able to search for those with similar interest. I'm on lists about running, health, motivation, and ADHD.  All passions of mine. I've never been able to walk down the street and knock on the neighbor's doors that share these interests.  On twitter I can.

2. Diverse and sometimes perverse - While I love the connection with those having shared interest, I'm also drawn to those that see the world so differently, I sometimes wonder if some weren't hatched from their twitter egg.

3. Party without bathroom duty - twitter is often a great wine party without needing to clean the bathroom - even better than a real party, I can weave in and out at my leisure. No one ever asks where I'm going or when I'll be back.

4. First on the scene - twitter has brought me news quicker than CNN, Facebook, or a call from mother - With twitter, I am first on the scene - Michael Jackson, Bin Laden, Amy Winehouse, hurricanes, fires, floods .......

5. Award Show Companion - I am the ONLY person in my house that loves a good award show - the dish on twitter while watching is like a flash mob, each comment building on the one before like a well choreographed musical

6. Of course the publishing - to know that someone I am not related to or didn't go to high school with, read what I wrote and liked it enough to comment and hit me with a RT - that is priceless.

So in celebration of my 10,000 Tweet, thank you twitter, thank you to each and every follower, RT'er, blog reader and #FF'er - looking forward to the next 10,000 tweets and followers!

If you're new to twitter, you'll find me hanging around @rebeccahession