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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does Your Ordinary get in the Way of Your Extraordinary?

Here's the deal.

Some days I feel capable and ready to take on the world. I get overwhelmed with ideas and stories I'll write and companies I'll start and services I can provide that in my head have the ability to change some lives, maybe even change the world. 

My eyes light up, my heart beats fast, I start to look into making these acts of greatness real.

Then something happens.

The ordinary drowns out my extraordinary. 

The lampshade I need to return at Lowes before the dog steps on it in the backseat and crushes it, hurrying to pick up my son from school so he's not the last kid in carline AGAIN, the girl needs a new leotard for gymnastics because she's outgrown this one AGAIN, my husband, as handsome as he is, has AGAIN misplaced his wallet and is frantically calling me to help him find it over the phone, and we need flour if I'm going to bake those blueberry muffiins before the blueberries go bad because I bought too many because they were on sale, and we need to have something that looks more like vitamins than takeout tonight or we're going to be another statistic for the insurance companies to quote about the healthcare crisis, and what was the great idea I was working on a minute ago?

So it occurred to me as this post was spinning in my head, on those days that I wake up ready to be J Lo and not Jenny on the Block, I am reminded that J Lo probably no longer ties her own shoes let alone worry about the rotting blueberries in her fridge. I, however, have managed to find some extraordinary in the midst of ordinary.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a client who is also a mom to three kids from 4 to 13ish. She has a leadership position in a professional services firm.  She has a big job at work and at home. I like her because I think we have that shared bond that says, "How in the hell are we going to get all this done?" and then we do.  Because in the midst of ordinary, we find a way in little bits and pieces to be extraordinary.  Yesterday, she and I crafted a plan that will likely take her entire business unit from ordinary to extraordinary. In fact, there's the ability to grow this business unit measured in millions to serve their clients better. We did it while she was going through airport security and rushing to catch her flight home, and I was in the middle of picking up the dog from the groomer, picking one up from guitar and managing to get in to see the last 20 minutes of gymanstics practice with my girl in the "too little" leotard. 

That my friends..... is extraordinary.