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Sunday, August 7, 2011

What do you want to be known for?

Here's a couple of questions to ponder.

How do you get attention?

For some it's their mad fashion, or their quick wit. There's a whole list of possibilities of how you get attention.  You may not even been aware of it.

Some get attention by stomping their feet and demanding it.  Anyone that's been around a toddler has experienced this.  I also know grown men that still use this approach. They're not nearly as cute at forty-five when they're throwing their tantrums, but it still gets attention.

Some pout and sniff and showcase their pitiful-ness. Another toddler approach that can sometimes linger for a lifetime.

Some have the "problem of the week" that they throw out to their friends, family, neighbors, and the UPS man.  Oh my, what should I do. Help me. I just don't know. *insert the wringing of hands and stress induced fatigue*

There's a whole host of reasons that people continue to not so attractive things to get attention. Mainly, for many..... it works.     For awhile.

Our friends and neighbors and the UPS man all have good intentions and want to see you happy. But everyone has their limits. You may have pushed theirs.  But, it still answers the question .....How do you get attention.

Which brings me to the next question......

What do you want to be known for?

Most people will say something like....I want to be known as a kind person, or someone that served others. Or some may want to be known for their mad fashion and their quick wit.

I don't know anyone that wants to be known for their pitiful-ness, or their temper, or their food addiction, or their agony or their stress.

I ask these questions today because the clock is ticking.  If what you do to get attention isn't lining up with what you want to be known for, well ...

I don't have any idea how many days you and I have left to get those two things lined up.

I did just hear a series of sirens while I was typing this post so there is a chance that someone out there today has already ran out of time. I hope their two questions lined up.

So you have today to take a little inventory and decide how far apart yours are.  Here are my recommendations on how to get a little closer.

1. Start today, not tomorrow, or next week. Today.
2. Decide.  There's so much power in personal decision. Don't wait for permission, take action.
3. Pray.  Nothing fancy. Something like this..... Dear Lord, I've decided to do things differently and I need your help. Please help me become more ________________.  Then fill in the blank with the statement of what you want to be known for.  And, Dear Lord, please take over my anger, my pitiful-ness, or whatever is holding you back.
4. Repeat Daily.

Sure there's a host of other things you can and will likely want to do but that's a great start.