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Friday, October 21, 2011

Top 10 Ways to be a Good Friend

I'm up to my eyeballs filling out the application to start a Charter School so this post comes from "the girl" and her 4th grade homework. She's got some great life lessons that the world needs to hear. (insert pic of me beaming with pride)

1. One way to be a good friend is to always trust a friend and to be trusted.

2. Another way is to always be nice.

3. Also, never be selfish!

4. Never be mean or it will back fire.

5. If you lie to a friend they will find out and you won't be trusted.

6. Always listen to what your friend has to say.

7. Try to have fun and laugh with a friend not ignore or cry.

8. Don't leave a friend out of a group cause it is more fun with more.

9. Be silly and funny not mad and grumpy.

10. Use your imagination don't be bored!

There are a lot more ways to be a good friend but of course these are the best 10 ways.