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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Madonna and Whitney - better dead than alive?

I am struck by the irony of this past week's events; Madonna's half time show and Whitney's death.

A week ago today we watched Madonna perform the half time show of the 46th Super Bowl.  I was saddened by the mixed reviews and often harsh criticism during and after the show on all social media and news media networks.

There were comments that she should retire, she embarrassed herself, she moves too slow, she lip synced.  I felt the need to personally go on and comment to the contrary. Not just because of my love of Madonna but for my disappointment in our view of aging and legacy contribution in this world.  The focus on what have you done for me "today" and how do you look "today" is a drive thru culture that destroys us.

A quick reminder that Madonna is 53 years old.  She was born in Michigan and lost her mother at age 5 to cancer.  She rose up to overcome this grief, studied, got good grades and decided to be good at something.  She went on to become the world's top selling recording artist of all time, selling more than 300 million records worldwide.  She won a Golden Globe in acting for her role in Evita. Yes she has acted out her rebellious years and sexual discovery in front of millions. Yet she has also matured into a mother of her own child and those she's taken in as her own through adoption. She's contributed to charities beyond measure including a huge part in Haiti relief.  She's directing films that are important to her like W.E..

Yet the comments from Super Bowl were about lip syncing, her fake British accent and that she's moving kind of slow these days.

I'm sickened by that.

I work hard to be good in this world and work towards achievements that matter. Yet I can't fathom this amount of contribution and success.  We should be cheering from the cheap seats when at 53, Madonna is rocking the house.

Then just a week later, we lose another icon of music, Whitney Houston.

No doubt Whitney has the best voice ever to touch our ears.  A true gift from God. She has also been noted as the most awarded female of all time for music and movies.  No doubt there was talent beyond measure in what was Whitney Houston. 

Yet Whitney fell into an obscure marriage tainted with drug and alcohol abuse that has wasted her time and talent. Now she is dead.  Her daughter is left to find a life without her mother, her security and safety.  A tragedy and a waste.

Yet today on the blogs, the social media and the news we talk of the angel of Whitney Houston and how much we will miss her.  I too will miss her voice.  I am saddened that her gifts from God were not fully realized.

From this I ask you all to do me a favor. If there is anything about me and my contribution that you find compelling, please don't wait until I'm dead to blog, Facebook and Tweet about it.

I am saddened by a culture that cannot celebrate what is, but instead comes with criticism and judgement. A culture that will then rally around a tragedy like Whitney's.

My heart mourns for Whitney's family, but I also mourn that we couldn't celebrate all that Madonna is and has achieved.

It's not lost on me that Michael Jackson was a pedophile and a freak in most articles leading up to his death.  Upon his death he was the Pop Icon of all time.  He may have needed that kind of support while he was alive, don't you think?

I challenge you to wake up today and celebrate with love and rays of light for all that you and your family and friends are in this life. Celebrate it while it is here, please don't wait until it's dead and gone. Of course live people can still disappoint you and make mistakes so they are still at risk of deserving our love and admiration.  Isn't that really what happens? When they are dead they can no longer disappoint you or make mistakes so it's easier to rally around then and their contribution.  Dead people don't appreciate your compliments nearly as much as the live ones.  Go compliment a live person today, in honor of Madonna and Whitney.