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Friday, April 13, 2012

Let the Birthday Games Begin

My birthday is Monday.  If you know me, you know this already because if I could, I'd purchase billboards mid March to prepare everyone. 

I've always loved my birthday, I think because I really love life.  Sure there are some suck a lemon moments in everyone's life but by and large I like my life .... a lot. 

This begs this question: do I have a good life because I like it, or do I like my life because it's good.  Hmmmmm.  Such pondering for a Friday.

I decided to have a good life.  There's such power in decision and intent. Once the decision is made, I just need to decide what good is to me.  That switches all the time because life switches all the time. 

So my birthday is a time that I can shout to the world, "Life is good!" And because one day just isn't enough, I try to work in the "birthday month".  This became tough when I married because my husband's birthday is April 4th and mine is the 16th.  I decided to not really encroach on his "day" so I don't really start owning the month until April 5th.  And let's face it, once your birthday is over, it's hard to solicit response from anyone so I really get a "birthday 12 days".  The 12 Days of Rebecca Hession sounds a little to biblical and over the top so let's not go there.

It's usually just a weekend celebration if I'm honest.  The days leading up to are more preparing others for my expectations for the weekend.   (insert smiley face intended to look like sarcasm but really being the truth)

Sometimes my birthday weekend stresses me out because there's so much I want to do and so little time.  It's the one of two weekends (Mother's Day of course #2) of the year that I get to choose everything!  What we eat, where we go, if I don't want the tv on, if I want you to run the weed-eater, if I want to lay in bed and read.  I feel this insane pressure to get it all in and not miss out!

The forecast this year calls for rain so I might need to make this a "chill out" weekend full of books and movies.  Oh and wine.  Or bourbon.  Or both.   And pizza.  And cake. 

Friday Afternoon, "May the Birthday Games Begin and may the choices be ever in my favor." 
(All that food talk gave me a Hunger Games reference.)