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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What You Feed Grows

This is a basic principle that governs.  This concept applies to our bodies, our plants, and wait for it ........ our thoughts, our concerns, our gratitude, our empathy, our frustration, our anger.

Do your thoughts need a diet or an overhaul?

Test this theory out.  Feeling anger, feed it, justify it, gather others that will help you feed it and guess what?  Yes, it grows.

Feeling gratitude?  Feed it, feel it, talk about it, guess what?  It grows.

Feel the power of your thoughts and feelings but taking responsibility for what you feed.

The next time you think or feel something that isn't serving you well, make the decision to not feed it. Feed another thought or emotion.  Oprah has made the gratitude journal mainstream.  There is power in feeding your gratitude as an overarching thought and emotion.  Feed it and it will grow.  Gratitude will help to choke out the weeds in your life's garden like jealousy, frustration, and anger.  Feed and water your gratitude and watch it flower and produce and thrive and feed you and your family.