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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ode to the Small Girl

Tonight I caught a glimpse of the girl out the front window.  It was dusk, just as the sun was closing the books on this warm summer day. The yellow of the sun magnifying the yellow of her hair flying behind her as she peddled her bike.  Arms held high in the air, chanting something to her friend.  Celebrating the day.  Being a girl.  Being a young girl for the summer.  Only a few of these left.  If you squint your eyes and look too close you can see the teenage girl starting to emerge from her cocoon.  The safety of little girlness still holding her but with less of a grip, preparing to set her free.

I couldn't help but flash forward in my mind to a time when that beautiful yellow haired girl will be driving down the driveway behind the wheel of a car, waving out the window off to new adventures, new challenges, away from the safety of our little cocoon.

Let me capture these little girl moments and place them permanently in my heart for safe keeping.  I'll need them when I'm missing her while she's away.  Let me prepare her well so her trips away are full of laughter, great choices, creating great opportunities to come back home telling of her adventures.

You bring me joy, small girl, in ways that I can't fully express. I can only feel the warmth in my heart like a yellow sunbeam bouncing from your hair in the late sun of a beautiful evening.