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Monday, March 25, 2013

Merry Spring

As we sit in the newness of spring, we rarely think of celebrating with a new blanket of snow.  In fact, not only are we surprised by it, we immediately take to our social networks and our kitchen tables to lament our unmet expectations.  Within hours of the forecast there were clever visuals posted on Facebook about the drunken ground hog and the Snow Bunny instead of the Easter Bunny and on and on it goes.

We expected one thing and received another.  I was quick to join in posting my countdown to fly away to warmer temps and sandy beaches to escape yet another week of cold and snow and wet and dreary.  And then something happened.

As one by one the kids nestled in bed, one on spring break, one on a snow delay, I finally found myself in the quiet.  As I finished a few things and started to settle in for the night I was taken in by something so beautiful I had to stop and honor it. 

As I turned off each light, I watched the room stayed illuminated. I was drawn to the window.  Beckoned really.  And there it was, the moon on the breast of the new fallen snow, gave the lustre of mid day to objects below.  Breath taking.  Beautiful.  A gift.  God had lured me to the window with His beauty.  An unexpected gift.

It made me swallow hard and take in a few realizations. 

No, we don't always get what we want.  But maybe the gifts are in the unexpected.  The gifts are slowing down to recognize we don't always get our gifts wrapped the way we thought.  But they can still be gifts none the less.

And even though the calendar says March and we think spring, He is always still in charge.  Maybe we need a few reminders now and again to slow down, and let Him bring us the gifts we need, when we need them. 

And when alas those blades turn green and the flowers show us their color, let us not be quick to whine and complain of the labor a beautiful yard can bring, but to be still in that moment and that gift, wrapped differently but a gift none the less.

As I shut my eyes on this new fallen snow, I know Santa won't be bringing us gifts tonight, but the good Lord sure delivered a beautiful moment and a gentle reminder, all gifts none the less.

Merry Spring to all and to all a good night.