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Monday, October 7, 2013

Pissed Off Catfish Review

Some things are so good you can't help but share your excitement.  Last Saturday night we hosted our 3rd Annual Fall Party.  We do this for customers of my husband's business, Pond Life Consulting. We invite customers, friends and family and for the last two years have had a live band.

In our backyard. 

Which is just as crazy as it sounds but that's kinda how we roll around here. 

In an act of God Given Marketing Perfection, this year's band was called Pissed Off Catfish. Almost too good to be true for a party to honor Pond Life Consulting.  This band was so much fun I had to write to tell you about them.  Their vibe was perfect for this event which was attended by everyone from under 6 to over 60.  Everyone loved them.  

They recently played as an opening act for Blake Shelton at Klipsch Music Center in case you needed some additional validation that they really are a cool band that has some street cred.   

Just a few comments during the evening:

These guys are amazing. 
Why aren't they living and recording in Nashville?
How did you ever find them? (this one hurt because it was said like we weren't cool enough to know a band like them. ouch.)
Where can I hear them play again? 
How do I get their music, do they have an album?
No, seriously, how do you know these guys?  (again slamming our cool factor) 

 I got so many texts and Facebook messages on Sunday, I totally didn't get my post party nap, which I desperately needed.  Thanks guys for that.  Which probably explains my lack of cool factor since I so desperately needed a Sunday nap after the party.  Aging sucks.

Not only are these great musicians, they are really great guys; both talented and humble.  So.... I wanted to share them with all of you.  Go to iTunes and grab some of their music and then tell whoever you know that's booking a wedding or a party to grab them quick.

iTunes link

Website Booking Link

Facebook Page

And for the record, I don't get anything for this reference other than huge satisfaction from sharing something really cool.  A desperate attempt to up my cool factor. 

Here are a few pics, one from their website, from our party and my personal favorite, Finn on drums.  Finn is the son of Colin Clark from the band. As you all know, I love those parents that support their kids toward musical greatness!