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Thursday, October 24, 2013

RestFest 2013 #fallbreak

It's fall break, which for those on the balanced school calendar has become the new spring break and beach trip extravaganza.  I must admit the first few days of Facebook posts from friends as they loaded up and headed to the beach had my jealously juices flowing pretty good.  I love the beach.  Really really love the beach. 

But the beach wasn't in my work calendar or our budget so I had to just let that one go.  I decided to really think about what I've been feeling since re-reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  This idea of your production and production capability really hits home.  If  we're the engine that drives our effectiveness, we're all running a little low on oil, gas and tire pressure around the Hession House.  Pond season is finally slowing down for Pond Life Consulting, The girl has two whole weeks that she doesn't have to be up before the farmers, and Dude was gettng a few days off too.  It was officially time for some rest.  So, like all good sales and marketing professionals we needed a good campaign and so RestFest2013 #fallbreak was born!

The girl and I went to the grocery store and bought her favorite lunch and snack foods and she went into the business of resting.  She slept till noon on more than one occasion and cleared the pantry in a matter of days.  I started to see my sweet wonderful girl emerge.  She laughs more, her emotional stability almost returning to a normal pre-teen and she just looks healthier.   Ahhh, rest, glorious glorious rest.  We need it, our kids need it, our families need it, our employees need it.  Yes, we should travel and explore and see the world, I'm sure come April I'll be ready to post a beach adventure, but for now, the final days of RestFest2013 #fallbreak are a sweet reminder of simpler times and a slower pace and more time to love and be loved. 

My girl said yesterday she'll be ready to go back to school on Monday.  Mission accomplished. Tank refilled.  Thanks Dr. Covey for the reminder "again" that sometimes the best thing we can do is just to lay down for a bit and charge that battery back up.