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Friday, April 4, 2014

3 Things I Learned About Love from Sybil and Paul

Still living it up on Spring Break 2014 with my girl and a group of girl friends.  Still meeting people and loving their stories.

Yesterday my lessons on love came from Sybil and Paul.  Sybil and Paul have been married for 18 years, a second marriage for both.  They have 6 kids between them and 10 grandchildren.

Sybil met Paul in a bar but he didn't contact her for a month after they met, guess that's a new twist on the 48 hour rule!  When she agreed to go out with him, all of her kids were there to check out this guy that was taking her mother out!

Here are the 3 things I learned about love and relationships from Sybil and Paul.

1. Dating is a family affair if you have children.  They should be involved with you and your dating. Sybil felt loved and protected by her children and wanted to find someone that honored them too.

2. When I asked Sybil what the secret was to their marriage she said, "You know what?  He brings me coffee and breakfast every single day."  It really is the little things and the consistency isn't it?  Most women don't really want the big presents and elaborate trips and dates we just want men that are sweet and kind and consistent.  I could see Sybil's eyes light up when she talked about this simple yet daily act of kindness from Paul.  To know that every day he will show up with coffee and breakfast is comforting and kind, a true act of love.

3. When I asked Paul what the secret was to their happy marriage, he said, "I just really like her.  I like to be with her."  Single men and ladies, are you out looking for someone that you just like to be with?  Or are you over complicating it?  Are you investing in being the kind of person that someone likes to be with?

I love the message of simplicity and kindness that I got loud and clear from Sybil and Paul.  It's a sweet and simple message, one we all need to remember.