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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Feral Cat Called Fear

I don’t know your future path, you don’t know your future path.

Don’t really know if you'll get that job or if the diagnosis will be bad, or if your kids will turn out okay, or if it all works out. None of us really know what's next.

That’s the scary shit of it isn’t it?

Fear – of the unknown – fear in disappointing  fear of being disappointed - fear of failing -fear of never knowing.

Fear is an ugly nasty beast ………..  

Fear, the feral cat that whines and moans and roams the streets .... scaring us, wanting to be fed.  

Sure there is something familiar about this cat, it once was a part of a home, but now it's wild and afraid.  Don't let the lie of it's familiarity trick you.  

No use ignoring it.  So acknowledge the ugly beast .....briefly.   Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away – but by all means don’t feed it.  Don't feed the beast. Don't let it into your home thinking it's the pet that it may have once been. Don’t give it the power over you.  And whatever you do....... don’t acknowledge it as your truth. 

Don’t feed the feral cat called fear.

Fear can be a motivator and a driver or the bitch that takes you down – time to get motivated into your real truth –

Your gifts, your God, your heart and by all means, your gratitude.

Fear hates gratitude like the feral cat hates you spraying it with the hose. 

You are far stronger than your fears my friend.
Where are you using your gifts?  Don't wait until your big break or the invitation.  Using your gifts is a choice.  Baby steps, take just one today.

Where are you putting your thoughts, your vulnerability, your gratitude?

Write down the gratitude.  Write it in a pretty journal or in the fog on your windows, writing it claims it, proclaims it, gives it light and life.  Feed the light, feed the gratitude, give it life.

Remember this – Fear is the bitch that lies to you – don’t feed her – she’ll never leave your doorstep – let her be the wild that roams the alleys and the streets looking and searching - she may cry and moan and keep you awake a few nights– you can acknowledge her but don’t feed the beast, that feral cat of fear. 

When you take baby steps to feed the Gifts, the Gratitude and the Light, the feral cat slinks away in the night knowing you are shining your own light.