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Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Am Broken

I am so so broken.  And by the way, I'm guessing so are you.

I've spent a lot of time trying to do things right.  To be the right person.  To know the right things. 

And I'm done. Not because I'm giving up, but because I've seen the Light.

Now I'm going to be me, all of me, broken 'ole me. 

I've looked around at all of us and this is what I know for sure, the only thing we have in real common is our brokenness. 

Our sin, our trauma, our anxiety and our brokenness is who we really are.  This huge knot of complexity that we spend too much time standing apart from one another wondering if your knot is bigger than mine, or maybe you don't see mine if I cover it with enough.

Enough of this, enough of that, none of it is enough to cover the brokenness. 

And what would happen if we really covered it all?  All of what we really have in common.

 In it's sheer complexity of brokenness is our commonality and our connection.

So as I stand in this new moon, this full and beautiful Beacon of Light, what I know is this.......all that we can hope to know ....... is what is pure and true. 

And the rest.  Well, the rest is just our mess.  And guess who loved our mess the best?

Because when we're at our worst, the Maker of Light still loves us the best.