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Sunday, April 1, 2018

More on those "Judgey" Christians

I've been pretty hard on the "judgey" Christians in my writing. Today during Easter Service I had this feeling ......I sorta get how well intentioned Christians get "judgey".

I feel well-intentioned judgey sometimes.  I've worked really hard on chasing down and understanding Jesus at a different level over the past year.  I'm completely blown away in where this journey has taken me.  When I look at my friends and family that are hurting I kind of want to shake their shoulders and say, "dude, this can help you sooooo much!" Then I remember that no one really wants to hear that kind of "fixer" message.

Wanting more and better for the people you love is at the heart of those well intentioned "judgey" ones.  It's hard to explain the supernatural impact of this journey.  This isn't just about memorizing and spouting Scripture.  This is about being supernaturally transformed in many ways.

Standing in church today, thinking about writing this post. How would I try and describe the value of this journey?  It really is a supernatural transformation.  It takes investment to dig into the Bible and study to get the benefit.  He's not a genie in a bottle granting every wish, but like any parent would, He likes to bless us when we've done good.  Grace and mercy are free for the asking and blessing and favor is a reward for discipline.  Just like parenting.

So as I stand in church today, tears running down my cheeks in gratitude for how different my life has become. I want to grab everyone I love who is hurting and say, "Trust me, please, you don't have to do this on your own.  You don't have to struggle like I've watched you struggle!" And I know that's not the best idea.

We don't talk enough about the supernatural aspects of these last 3 days. The days between Jesus dying on the cross and rising from the tomb.  So many miracles.

1. Jesus died on the cross at NOON and everything went completely DARK for three hours.  Think about that.  There was no natural reason for an eclipse during a full moon.  And for three hours? Come on.  A sign that without Christ people will live in spiritual darkness.

2. The temple veil tore in two.  This was no sheer veil from the bridal shop, this was a 60 foot tall and 4 inch thick piece of cloth that no man could tear.  This represented God no longer being separated from the people.  Seriously, that's some supernatural stuff right there.

3. There was an EARTHQUAKE at the same time.

4. Graves opened up .... DEAD people walked out and came back to life.

5. Lives were changed forever.  People who didn't want to believe suddenly were changed.

That's some supernatural stuff on every level.

I invested more in learning about Jesus when I came to see it for the supernatural power that it is.  I've always had spiritual connections and feelings I couldn't explain.  The supernatural aspect of this was intriguing to me more than going to the right church and memorizing the Scripture.

So now that I've experienced some of the changes that are possible, I can get a little judgey wanting my friends to feel it too. Then I remember what my really good friend Brian taught me .....

"Preach the gospel always and if necessary use words"  - St Francis of Assisi

I'll go back to trying to live this thing out and leave the "judgey" stuff alone.

Happy Easter ... pass the chocolate.