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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Follow Your Curiosity to Your Meaning & Purpose

A rich discussion about allowing curiosity to lead you to discover more of yourself.  

How does change and responsibility work together? 

We're obligated to be curious and find our best selves

Building Community Leads Us to Be More Curious

Being curious helps Gibson Insurance serve their customers in a deep meaningful way, life changing stories. 

Deciding on new opportunities... More LOVES than LOATHES

It's not always the job itself that contributes to our discovery, it's the leader we have in that chapter of our story. What skills will you gain?

Engagement is about the WHY and the PURPOSE

Shout Out: Maria Black 

Shout Out: Chris Brantman 

Shout Out: Tim Lehman - CEO Gibson Insurance for great leadership.


What's the one thing you've been curious about that you need to take one small step towards?

  • How others encourage us and see things we don't see in ourselves
  • Equipping our youth to understand the "Little Bitch in Our Head" and not feed the fears 
  • The courage to change directions after you've declared something you don't want to do
  • There's NO ROADMAP! It's MESSY!
  • The path to Chief Growth Officer in Insurance is selling spoilers for cars.  (Insert insane laughter) 
  • What inspires us?  For Courtney it was Maya Angelou, Still I Rise. 
  • Who didn't want to be like Oprah and give stuff away! 
  • Foster Success 
  • Our pain and struggle in our lives can inform us of our meaning and purpose.  Stand Tall in Your Story. 
  • Others Benefit when we SHOW UP! 
  • Selling Spoilers, Selling Cars, Selling Telecom provided Grit and Resilience!  
  • Great leaders and mentors help us see OURSELVES. 
  • From Sales to Senior Leadership at ADP a Fortune 500 company
  • Stand Out Assessment 



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