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Friday, January 17, 2020

Thriving: Business Owner x 2, Wife and Toddler Mom

Jenny Tod has two businesses and a rich life outside of work as a wife and mom to a toddler.... and she's thriving. 

Jenny is a marketer, designer doing brand and marketing work with Jenny Tod Creative.  She also is a co-founder of a coffee shop, Indie Coffee Roasters located in Carmel, Indiana.  

Oh, and she's a wife and mom to a toddler! 

She chose a life that caterers to her unique gifts and talents and allows the margin she needs to invest in personal pursuits and relationships. 

Jenny is a great example of living life "intentionally". This is thriving!  She's building a story and a life holistically.  

"There's a big difference in falling in bed at night exhausted from striving versus falling into bed exhausted from thriving. "

Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Jenny has worked for agencies and other businesses and learned so much about herself and her craft. 

Key Takeaway: She didn't have to do it all as a business owner, she could bring on people that complimented her gifts and talents. She knows what she's good at and what others need to do for the business to be successful.  Even outsourcing cleaning her house allows her to be a better mom and business owner! 

Key Takeaway: Don't rob someone else the joy of helping! This is how we bless each other!  Learn to accept help as a gift not a weakness. 

Key Takeaway: Self Care isn't just a buzz word, it's critical to our ability to perform in all the roles of our lives. 

Key Takeaway: Showcasing our passions and our work for our kids is important. 






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