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Friday, February 7, 2020

Jillian Walker: Breaking Barriers for Women

We need you ...
to start a conversation. 

Education can take a lot of forms; classroom, video, podcasts, reading .... 

and ...


Jillian Walker, founder of MicroChip Indy is a woman on a mission, one we can and should join.  

From today's episode, we're asking you to start a conversation about the gap that exists in childcare.  

Go to 

1. Share the stats 

2. Share the article

3. Share your story and your perspective

4. Sign up to get updates

Join the conversation to spread massive education on a topic that impacts our economy, our community and our families. 

You can make a massive difference by having an authentic conversation and sharing this challenge that exists in cities around the country for career women.  We need you to talk to your dad, your brother, your husband and your uncles. 



of US companies offer back up childcare services (ONLY 3%!)


in financial losses to Indiana businesses due to caregiving issues


of highly qualified women with children off-ramp or leave their careers due to a lack of flexibility


Jillian Needs: 

1. To Educate on this Topic

2. A Building 

3. Money 

Let's do this badasses, we all can contribute to #1


New Badass Womens Council podcast episode is here!