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Need a Speaker?

I am available for keynote speeches anywhere you want to gather a crowd and let me talk.
My fees are less when there's an ocean in the background and a Starbucks onsite.

Rebecca Hession

As a working mom, my topics are pulled from slices of my own life.  I have also worked in Organizational Effectiveness for FranklinCovey for 14 years. Specialty areas: 
  • parenting
  • working moms
  • work/life balance
  • productivity
  • leadership
  • effectiveness
  • attention deficit disorder ADHD/ADD
  • education choices 

Go ahead ...Google me.  My worst and craziest happened before the internet.

A few sample talks:

Life is Messy, That Doesn't Mean It's Your Job to Clean It Up

This topic especially resonates with women but can be tailored for men and women.  The speed of life has become frenetic and chaotic.  How can we re-frame our own expectations for what a great life looks like, not a life we find on Pinterest.  Sometimes taking care of you first is the best thing we can do for everyone else.  Funny but grounded with great thoughts on effectiveness.

Good Guardrails - a metaphor for life.
When disappointment sets in with people or things, it can usually be traced back to someone or something not meeting expectations.  You can't expect to meet expectations if you don't set any.  Using the metaphor of guardrails allows you to set parameters so you know what to say no to rather than forcing yourself to be crystal clear on exactly what we do want.  

Who Promised You Happiness?  Hope you've got a receipt. 

In our culture's constant quest for happiness, do we now believe we're entitled to happiness?  So what about the hard knocks of life, where do they fit in?  In this honest talk, we look at the power of a life lived well with a few bumps and bruises and the lessons along the way.


To get an example of my presentation style, check out my TEDx talk,
ADHD as our Innovators 

Or my Listen To Your Mother reading from 2013 - What If?

You can also check out my site on ADHD Relationships called: 

Not Wrong Just Different - Seeing ADHD Differently 

I also doing speaking engagements for this topic.

Message me for more details and pricing.

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Craig Crook

Craig Crook
Senior Brand Consultant at Brand Innovation Group

I've had the good fortune of knowing Rebecca for quite some time -- her energy, 'irreverent professionalism' and client focus is second to none!

When we selected her as a speaker for TEDxFortWayne, I had no doubt she would deliver a high powered, on target message. What I did not expect, was to see grown men fighting back tears, as she connected with the audience through personal stories and deep (self educated) subject matter expertise on the topic of ADHD. After her presentation, many who might have been reluctant to admit their 'disorder' now considered it a badge of honor!

Thanks Rebecca - thanks for setting free our audience to create, innovate and improve the biggest challenges we face and will face - thanks for teaching us that we are not wrong, just different!

Chris Sanderson

Chris Sanderson
Realtor, professionally serving Ft. Wayne, IN 414-3511

Such passion! I first met and experienced Rebecca presenting at our local TEDx Fort Wayne. She gave a spellbinding and passionate talk on ADHD. I'd heard much on subject but never seen it or heard it quite the way she explained it that day. If you want to get your team FIRED UP and ready to TAKE ACTION, Rebecca is the one to call!