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Monday, April 20, 2009

How it all started

Last year, late spring we moved into our dream home. The home we planned for years, put our heart and soul into. We were giddy about the stone fireplace, the lake out back, the color of the walls and the very essence of its being.

Two months later, my husband lost his job.

Often times people get that sad, "oh no" look when you tell them this. Interestly, it's not been all bad. Don't get me wrong, I long to go to Target or have a great little Asian girl paint my toenails again, but really, in the scheme of things, let's get something straight.

Most of us had way too much of everything going into this recession. As my savings account declines, I get so much clarity about the difference between want and need.

All those little cliches' about Less is More and all that, I just admit are rooted in some fundamental principles that I think are playing out in our lives. This is the place I'm going to attempt to document some of the things we've learned about faith, people, pride, relationships and the quality of generic cheese and saltine crackers.

Follow along if you'd like, because LIFE is about choices.