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Monday, April 20, 2009

Now What

It's funny. Before my husband lost his job, I was his biggest critic. I had a laundry list, some of it including laundry that I could easily have made a Six Sigma project for improvement. In a matter of moments, we were a team again. I went into 'coach' mode, dedicated to support him, love him, albeit some tough love some days, as we moved through this challenge together.

He looked at me that night and said, "now what?" I can only attribute my following comments to Divine guidance because I had no time to come up with this on my own. I said, " I'd go fishing."

My husband built the most beautiful lake. (Yes he built the lake, with no previous experience, which is why I know he'll be ok. He's freakin' smart.) Anyway, I thought maybe God was giving him some time and space to just 'be'. So he went about the business of coming back to who he really was.

It's funny how all the stuff we aquire, jobs, spouses, houses, cars, kids, toys, boats, dogs, vacations, all the stuff that we chase in the name of success, becomes the ball and chain that weighs us down and changes us. All that time putting up with a job that is supposed to bring us more stuff. Tires me out just thinking about it.

Don't get me wrong. We're not living in squalor. My house rocks and we still have a charmed life. We're just getting back to the basics sorting out need and want. It's amazing what having a common goal does for unity.