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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How cool is that?

It occurred to me today that it would be crazy to go another day without dedicating a post to all of those that have prayed for us, networked with us, cared about us, bought a meal for us, bought a few beers for us, and truly loved us through this difficult time. It's been interesting to see those that have risen from the crowd with heartfelt care and concern that before this, had only been casual acquaintances. And of course, for the die hard friends, they've seen us through all kinds of crazy but this one was a little more dicey for sure.

As people, we're meant to gather. In these busy times, sometimes we get distracted and isolated. Technology has made this gathering possible during our daily chaos. Without Facebook, Twitter, email and text, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to feel the love and prayers from so many. We would have remained home alone and more than a little afraid. With the ability to reach out, we created a circle. We watched so many step up and offer and ask to be a part of our circle. We saw them join hands with us and with each other. We heard and felt them pray for us and raise us up. When we gather around a cause it's electric.

We must always remember that nothing can be accomplished alone. If we continue to nurture and feed this wonderful circle it will serve us well and give us the chance to serve back to your needs.

We must fight our counter intuitive nature to retreat during times of challenge and change. Helping each other actually feeds us, changes us, helps us to grow, thrive and be the community God built us to be.

Thank you. Thanks to those that simply read this blog and pray for us, those that email to check on us, those that bring great food and wine over and dine with us, those that continue to help my guy build his business with referrals and networking. To all of you, we say thanks from our heart. We know God sent you to us. How cool is that?