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Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a little funk

Oh Yea, the blog, you still here?

Helloooo, you ever gonna write another post?

I know that's probably how you feel. So many great followers and me not responding to you. (By the way, my kids and husband likely feel this way sometimes too.)

Here's the scoop. I think about this blog every day. (Obsess much?) I'd like to blame my new Twitter addiction on the lack of post but that seems lame and completely contrary to my approach up to this point so I guess I'll tell the truth.

Life is still hard. But not the OMG tragedy hard, the daily stuff of life hard.

Will we have enough to pay the bills, I wish I could afford gymnastics for the girl, guitar lessons for the boy, why do we still bicker and fight after all of the blessings we've been given, no we can't join you for dinner because we can't afford a babysitter, dang I miss Lisa who always kept my house clean and I miss clean toilets and less dog hair, why did you order pizza when we still don't have any money? That kind of day in and day out hard.

Yes, all of the Lessons from the Recession still apply. Faith still rocks the house and my guy has a job. It's one of those "in the process of growing a paycheck" kind of jobs. Remember, the cool one he chose over the boring one with a paycheck? (Still 1000% sure he made the right decision, by the way) So, yes, he's been given a means, (Thanks again, Lord)now the hard work of building a business fills his days. So he's still searching, now he's searching for clients.

Which reminds me, you got any leads? Small to mid size companies please apply here:, he's standing by to take your call. If you want to just be nosy about this business without really talking to anyone go here:
(FYI, that guy is not "my guy" just "some guy" that has a job pretending like he has a job.)

That was the commercial break portion of this program. You know there's no free lunch.

OK, so I think this is part of the deal, and quite frankly why I've been in a little of a funk.

It's kinda like postpartum depression, or the day after Christmas. You pump up the jams to get you rallied around this great event and then when it's starting to fade or change or be over, you realize that there's still so much more mountain to climb. Or wrapping paper to clean up or diapers to change. The big 'ta da' of accepting the job is over, all that's left is work and life.

And, while most people love a big event, it's hard to keep folks engaged over the long term. Me, you, the tons of people I reach out to for prayers. After awhile I'm afraid they think, "Is that still you out there asking for my prayers? Can't we move on to another tragedy and another more exciting cause. Don't some African kids need water or shoes, enough about that job thing."

And who isn't tired of "recession" topics? Maybe the benefit of the MJ and Farrah Faucet deaths is the media can get on to something new and give this economy a chance to recover.

So... while I'm digging my circle of friends, my new obsession is authentic relationships.

Remember my last post (a bazillion weeks ago) about how cool it was that so many people rallied around to pray for us and support us? I still dig that. Please don't stop doing that.

Now I'm wondering, who would I "Stand in for God" for. Who would stand in for me? I'm thinking about this because yesterday's church was about authentic relationships. Who would hold you up or kick you in the pants when you need it, or as Pastor Dave Rod says, "stand in for God" in your life? Good question, huh? It's one thing to read the blog, make comments (which I live for by the way) and another to stop what you are doing and drive up to some one's house and stand ready to serve.

I was reading this blog about a girl that's been in a car accident and has a brain injury and how she's really found out who her friends are. I was so frustrated. I looked to see if I could find where she lived, it's DC unfortunately, because I wanted to get in my car and drive to her house and say, I'll help you. She has a ton of followers to her blog but couldn't get, what she thought were her friends, to come and walk her dogs while she was recovering. Authentic Relationships. If Ali Holden wants to hook up and be friends, from reading her blog, I think I'd do it. But what friends do I have here in hickville that need me now that I'm not responding to? I've already thought of one and I made some changes to my schedule to fix that.

So, dear friends, family, strangers, blogger enthusiasts, we are alive and well and still eating generic cheese and drinking Two Buck Chuck as we get on with the journey called, "our lives."

I'll leave you with this classic tune with a loose connection to my blog only because it's called "Faithfully" - mostly because I love cheesy rock ballads and because Tips4Blogging followed me on Twitter and was kind enough to read my blog and give me feedback that I need more pics and videos, so I'm responding.

Now, go and find an authentic relationship and put some comments on my blog. Peace.