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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cross legged on the floor

Finally, a real role model for my girl. I DVR'd the CMA awards from last night for the girl to watch.  There's hell to pay if she stays up too late so this seemed like the sane option. As soon as she saw what was on, she bellied up to the TV, cross legged on the floor, eyes as big as saucers, clapping her hands and singing along to her favorite songs.  Seeing your kids really enjoy something so simple. That's ridiculously cool.

And then Taylor Swift came on and sang her uber famous song, Fifteen.  I sat mesmorized.  I listened to the words of that song with my crossed legged girl and realized that she may be just 8 years old but in the blink of my eye, she will have her heart broken, she will fall madly and deeply in love and the whole world will turn upside down. 

In the same breath, I also realized that her life might just be filled with all of the magic, fairy dust and sparkly dresses that Taylor Swift has in her life right now.  The tears started to roll. As my wide eyed girl sang along and clapped her hands and screamed like young girls do. I was overcome.

Then I watched Taylor's parents embrace when she won the biggest award of country music at the age of 19. Then came the ugly cry.  You know they had a moment watching their crossed legged girl wondering, hoping and praying that life would turn out ok for their gift from God. 

I'm amazed by the grace, humor, maturity and sanity that Taylor possesses in this bright spotlight she lives in. I hope my girl shines in whatever spotlight God chooses for her.

Halloween 2009 - The Girl does Taylor Swift, complete with guitar slung on her back