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Friday, February 19, 2010

I like to rant in my fat pants

You know that tension, and sometimes friction, that happens when your expectations don't match your reality?

Often times it's not a wrong and a right coming together, it's just two rights that don't always match up.  Like anal planner girl marries ADHD guy. Not wrong, just different.

 Anal Planner Girl is on the left, Genius ADHD Guy on the right

My expectations about life came from growing up with an engineer father that folded his fast food wrappers into a perfect origami figure before throwing it away.  Things in my life were always 'neat'.  I thought everyone believed in the power of neat.  I didn't like it as a teenager, but I knew it was what I should strive to be.  And I did.  I got my own apartment and became neat. Like I was supposed to.

Then I fell in love with a guy who was raised to save stuff in case you need it later. A creative genius with ADHD and lots of ideas that you can't always keep "neat". You can see where this is going right?  Both ideals have merit.  They don't always (rarely) match up.  Not wrong, just different.

I'm finding lots of things in my life that fall into the Not Wrong, Just Different category. 

Last week a bigwig at work and one of my dear friends called and said he was thinking of putting my blog on the suggested reading list for our client facilitators. Like 25,000 client facilitators across the globe. I work for FranklinCovey doing sales and consulting.  We're a big name brand with lots of expectations from our clients.

The world expects us to be neat and tidy and professional and organized, and well, "almost perfect".  I love my company, I love the brand. But...........I was a little apprehensive about this idea.  Hey, who doesn't want more blog traffic and exposure!  I was concerned that they would want me to be more FranklinCovey and less Rebecca.  I said to my bigwig friend, "Are you sure? Does this mean I have to clean up my act?"

Now let's be clear about something else, I'm a really good producer for FranklinCovey and I don't mind saying that because I've got the data to back it up.  I'm good at my job and well respected in the company. But let's face it, those that read this, know that I'm not always neat and tidy, in my language, or with my topic.  I write about the messy stuff in life.

I like to think that my messages have some merit and get people thinking about things they could do differently, but there is a reason I don't work in our marketing department.  You won't find one of our marketing sheets with the word "crap", which is one of my favs.

They decided not to include my personal blog. I'm relieved. The style and expectations of RandomThoughtsbyRebecca doesn't match up with the FranklinCovey brand. Not Wrong, Just Different.

Ladies, you know those days when you've been working in your suit, panty hose and heels all day?  You're rockin the power suit and heels and people respect you and you command attention and professionalism?  What's the first thing you do when you get home?

That's right, unleash what's been tied up in spanx all day, put on those fat pants and let it all hang out.  Well, FranklinCovey is my spanx and randomthoughtsbyrebecca is my fat pants. Here is where I let it all hang out. Not wrong, just different.

They have decided to include my work blog -  That was nice. If you'd like to hire me for a keynote speech on The Speed of Trust or help your organization execute on its most important goals, I'll wear my spanx and we'll rock it out. I can get some awesome results for you.

Sadly, I don't keep that blog as updated as I should because I'd much rather rant in my fat pants here! That's Not Wrong, Just Different.

Anyone have any other Not Wrong, Just Different stories?