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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Potholes on the Path to Greatness

It is my experience that if you believe life sucks, it will rise up and smack you square in the nose and be sure to fulfill your vision.

Thankfully, I believe the opposite is also true. I choose life, love and the pursuit of happiness, joy, possibilities and pathways to greatness.  Yes, some of those paths are gravel roads with potholes the size of Kansas.  Some of those potholes have the names of people on them, some are jobs, some are fear, unrest, or frustration.

Have you ever taken the road less traveled and ended up on a dirt path or a gravel road and have it open up into the most beautiful place you've been?

Don't be too busy bitching about the potholes to look up and see something beautiful in a place you've never been.  You can get the car washed and realigned later. For now, whip out the camera phone and capture the beauty.