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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Root Canal Series: What is acting as infected pulp in your life?

Last week I went in for part 2 of my root canal.  Yes, who knew that some root canals come in a three part series? 

If you've not had one, it's kind of a big deal.  A "sucky" big deal. And of course as a blogger, it has me thinking about stuff.

Here's just one thing I learned from my root canal.

>>> I'm seriously thinking of a three part blog series to go with my three part root canal, because that's the way I roll.  And because I've been so ridiculously busy at work, my inspiration bucket either has a hole in it or is just plain drying up. So, take what you can get RandomThinkers!<<<<

Ok back to one thing I learned from root canal. 

Sometimes you have to remove the infected pulp from a situation to get any relief at all. 

Infected pulp you say?  Yes, infected pulp.  Which is what had me ready to commit hari-kari. Which is completely different from Harry Caray. I'll leave that to you for a little side research.

So I went to the grim reaper also called my endodontist . This is a dentist who decided mere fillings weren't enough and had to go on to removing infected pulp for a living.

In this crazy process of drilling and filing into the deep canals of my teeth, all the infected pulp was released and my pain was removed, almost immediately.  What are those things in our life that act as infected pulp and once we remove them our pain is removed, almost immediately?

* bad boyfriends
* toxic friends
* team members that don't pull their weight
* bosses on a power trip
* our own toxic thoughts and attitudes

I'm sure together we could build a pretty impressive list of infected pulp producers.  Is there something in your life right now that has you wanting to commit hari-kari? 

Could you take your own drill and file and suck out that infected pulp and get on with your life in a little less pain?