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Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't judge my book by my cover

I'm in Starbucks. Yes, I'm one of "those" people. I'm sitting with my iPhone and my laptop and my $5 coffee and my fancy laptop bag in my "I'm a professional on my way to a really important appointment" outfit.  To the stranger's eye, I look like I've totally got my crap together.  But I don't.  There's stuff stirring in my heart and mind that are not at all "together".

I just hung up the phone from a friend who also has a box truck full of crap she's dealing with.  But she also looks neat, ironed, made up and totally normal.

I'd like to walk around to each person in this coffeehouse and find out what there truckload looks like.  My guess is 85% have a story of something they are juggling with. Something in their mind that is serious.

Why is it we want to believe that we're the only one that's hurting and if we can just get it together, we'll be like everyone else.  That's stupid. And it's a lie.

In fact, my theory is, those that act the most like they have it together are the biggest train wrecks. 

Let's all stop judging people's life based on their shoes, their ride, their digs, and their dog and just get real.  Life has its fair share of crap. Bring a shovel and listen with your heart.