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Sunday, April 25, 2010

You: Hey, where you been? Me: Thanks for asking.

Hey there Random Thinkers,

I thought I should check in and explain my extended absence.  Although by the sheer fact that not one of you came looking for me, I humor myself to think I NEED to explain my absence.  It's not like I'm the only blog in town I know.

Here's the scoop.  I'm writing a book.  Yea, what blogger isn't.

I've been writing this book in my head for almost a year.  It's only been in the last 3 months that I can say it out loud. Just seeing the sentence, I'm writing a book in black and white makes it real.  I've put it out into the universe and now I have to do something with it. 

I planned the debut of my "I'm writing a book phase." I sat with a great pen and a full tablet and I began to release all of the random thoughts, categories, stories, chapter headings, reasons, and cover ideas onto paper.  It was a scary looking, mind mapped, spider web.   The more I wrote, the more ideas came, the more excited I became, the more real it is. I began picking up the phone and calling people I wanted to interview and get help from.  I sent emails asking to schedule time with them.  The act of picking up the phone and sending out the emails made it more than a doodling exercise with purpose.  It made me an author.  Somehow this was important to me for the process to evolve and grow.

I've called myself a writer since 7th grade in Mrs. Garvey's class. I've been writing a journal and a blog for years.  Writing is fun. Writing is non threatening. Writing is a hobby.  I love being a writer and sometimes you give me feedback that says you even like to read it.

Being an author feels different.  By calling myself an author, I feel more responsible for my craft. I feel accountable to produce something.  I feel responsible to produce something with purpose. I feel responsible to take a years worth of ideas, sort them into an outline that makes sense and fill in the gaps so one day I can actually sit down and write.  Write with purpose and write for a cause I believe in. 

You see since I made that switch in my head, from writer of random thoughts, to an author, I am spending more time organizing those thoughts and doing lots of research to fill in the gaps.  It's kind of like saying you're pregnant, 9 months from then, you better produce a baby.  The gestational period for my book is likely way more than 9 months, but I now need to produce something and that's where I've been.

Rebecca Hession
Not Wrong, Just Different
"coming soon to a bookstore near you"